Indiana BikePort Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Indiana BikePort provides bicycle parking solutions for businesses, governments and organizations who want to encourage bicycling as a transportation choice. Indiana BikePort is a state-wide initiative to support and create bicycle friendly communities.

Our Vision

We envision the State of Indiana as a national leader in providing secure and weather protected bicycle parking. The Indiana BikePort (INBikePort) brand is synonymous with quality bicycle parking solutions for both private and public domains. Membership In the INBikePort's keyless entry system will enable the member to easily access any INBikePort locker in the State utilizing a simple and consistently applied procedure.

INBikePort will also apply its keyless entry system to the emerging market for bicycle sharing programs in both the public and private sectors.


Why Commute By Bike

1.  You become part of the solution and not part of the problem!  I think you know the problem I'm talking about.

2.  You save money!  Add up $.45 cents per mile for your round trip in the car for a whole year and then add your car parking fees to that.  See how that stacks up to the cost of commuting by bicycle.  Not even close, is it?

3.  You feel great!  I can tell a huge difference between my productivity and attitude toward everyday business problems on the days that I commute.  Also, I have started the day sharing the camaraderie of fellow commuters.  While I am a hopeless workaholic, it reminds me that I should always be working toward the goal of working to live and not vice versa.  Everything looks better to me when I start my day on the bike!

Randy Clark, Managing Member, INBikePort
Founder and President, Bicycle Garage Indy