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Commercial Repair and Maintenance Services

Call on BGI's Service Team

Call BGI Fitness when you need us, or before you need us!  BGI's service department is pleased to be the finest in Indiana. Our mobile technicians can perform their magic at your place of business, at your convenience. BGI's staff operates with the goal of responding to you no later than 48 hours after your call.

Contact the BGI Fitness Service Department:

BGI Fitness, Service Department
Voice: (317) 579-7933 x2
Fax: (317) 579-7929
Normal Hours: 
Mon-Fri,  7:30am to 4:30pm

For after-hours contact, please submit your service request via our web questionnaire here: Service Inquiry BGI's Fitness Service Center will contact you asap.   

Service / Repair Policies

  • BGI Fitness repairs are warranted for 30 days from the date of completion of the repair. This warranty applies to the specific issue addressed during the repair. 
  • A travel charge will be charged for each round trip visit to the customer's place of business. The travel charge is based on the county in which the customer resides.  For example, $50 for Marion Co. and surrounding counties.  Click here for a full listing of our Travel Charges.
  • Normal freight is included in the price of parts but expedited freight costs will be approved by and billed to the customer. 
  • On-site labor is billed at $80 per hour.
  • A job is considered to be completed only when the required parts are installed and the unit is functional. 
  • Each piece of equipment repaired will constitute one job. With approved credit, each job will be billed upon completion at net 30 days.


Preventive Maintenance Program Details

    • The Preventive Maintenance Program does not represent a contract. We feel strongly that you should continue to utilize our services only so long as BGI Fitness is responsive to your needs. Why not a fixed contract with set payments?:
      • A fixed contract does not differentiate between those clients that do an excellent job of day-to-day cleaning and those that neglect these important procedures.
      • Those customers who do the needed day-to-day cleaning will experience significantly less maintenance costs. A fixed payment contract will not properly reward these clients for their efforts.
    • We will provide you with an annual estimate of the recommended maintenance protocol for your equipment including both labor and travel and commit not to exceed that estimate.
    • You will be billed for the travel and work actually done - no more, no less.
    • Monthly preventive maintenance customers (12 visits per year) do not pay travel charges for any repair services that are required outside the scope of our normal maintenance schedule. Why?:
      • Our mutual goal with preventive maintenance is to prevent breakdowns and the need for unscheduled repairs.
  • Work will be done between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Preventive maintenance customers are assured of having the same technician on each visit – someone who gets to know you and your equipment!
  • For maximum effectiveness, we encourage clients to maintain a written log of known equipment problems and to make this available to the technician prior to starting work.
  • Preventative maintenance does not include general exterior cleaning of the machine. This should be done on a daily / weekly / monthly schedule. The BGI Fitness Service Department will be happy to assist you developing this schedule specifically for your equipment.
  • If desired, preventive maintenance sessions will be scheduled in advance and client use patterns will be accommodated.
  • The Preventive Maintenance Agreement does not include repairs that require parts and the added labor and travel to install them (Exception - travel is no charge in the case of Monthly PM Customers).
    • The finest of equipment, preventively maintained, will still eventually wear out but the goal is to make it last as long as possible through preventive maintenance.
      • For example, a Mercedes with an oil change every 3000 miles will still eventually need a new engine.
      • Therefore, a treadmill, properly lubed on a routine schedule, will ultimately wear out but preventive maintenance will help the belt / deck last as long as is possible.
  • In certain rare cases, we may need to engage in special initial repairs, at the customer’s expense, that will put the equipment in a condition that will allow us to provide a Not-to-Exceed Preventive Maintenance Quote.
  • BGI's technicians can customize your program in any number of ways, so call us today at 317-579-7933 x2 to get started!