Employee Fitness & Corporate Success

#1) Reduced Health Care Costs
Over 18 months, General Electric reduced health care costs for members of its wellness program by 38 percent, while non-member costs rose 21 percent. Dupont saved over six million dollars during the first three years of its program.

#2) Increased Productivity
Recent studies by NASA discovered that participants in a regular program of exercise experienced a significant improvement in physical stamina, mental concentration, decision making power and overall work performance.

#3) Reduced Absenteeism
Northern Gas Company employees who are part of the corporate fitness program suffer 80 percent fewer sick days than non-participants. General Mills experienced a 19 percent reduction in absenteeism among its wellness program participants, while non-participants absence rose 69 percent.

#4) Reduced Turnover
During a 10-month trial period, Tenneco Life Assurance found that employee turnover among program participants was just 1.5 percent-compared to 15 percent among non-participants.