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Flexible and Powerful Payment Choices

Money is an important consideration.  That's why we offer the most flexible and most powerful set of financing options in the market today.  BGI Fitness offers:

  • Capital Leases (those with a fixed purchase price at the end of the lease)
  • Operating Leases (those with a fair market value option to purchase at the end of the lease)
  • Financing (installment loans)

Here are the many variations of what we can do based on your particular financial situation:

  • Under $100,000? - Use BGI's 'no-financials' lease. Contact BGI's staff for this quick & easy option.
  • We offer deferment options based on your specific needs.  Initial payments can be minimized for up to 6 months until the purchased equipment can begin to produce the revenue stream you expect.
  • BGI Fitness offers seasonality programs based on your specific needs.  We recognize that you may be in a seasonal business and that cash flow is not even throughout the year.  This option allows you to make greater payments when you are most able to do so and vice versa.
  • Step-up programs are also available.  Payments can be structured to accomodate a new business (or an expansion of your current business).  Payments start low and increase thoughtout the life of the financing.  This most closely matches the cash flow patterns that you expect from a new business or a business expansion.
  • BGI offers inclusion of ancillary costs.  Feel free to include freight costs or the cost of a multi-year preventive maintenance program in your financing package.  Why not make it simple?  One payment meets all your needs!

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