Alerte Trail Blazer III

Alerte Trail Blazer III


Split array of 32 ultra bright LED's on both front and rear lights
Continuous beam headlight with 3 exceptionally bright Luminator LED'S – touch pad high beam – low beam switch
12 ultra bright LED's flashing or steady burn center rear tail light
Emergency light arrays are energized by a thumb operated touch pad handlebar switch
The wail or hi-lo built-in siren is activated by a thumb operated on/off touchpad switch (momentary switch optional)
The headlights and tail light are operated by the handlebar mounted touch pad switch with built in headlight dimmer
The 2 batteries (12 volt gel cell rechargeable) are encased in a special bottle shaped case to be stored in your water bottle holder
Wire ties are included to secure the cable to the bike frame in several places to prevent accidental snagging
Wire ties are also included to secure the rear array to the bike rack