Hoist PTS Dual Action Smith Cage Ensemble Package #3

Hoist PTS Dual Action Smith Cage Ensemble Package #3
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Enjoy safe free-weight lifting and the ultimate in exercise variety with Hoist's PTS Dual Action Smith Cage Ensemble Package #3. The PTS Dual Action Smith Cage features simultaneous horizontal and vertical lifting movements for true free-weight motion and benefits, and lets you rack the bar at any time with a simple twist of your wrists. Perfect for building functional fitness, core stability and general strength, the Dual Hi/Low Pulleys Option boasts a pair of independent cable columns, each equipped with a 150-pound Radial Loc weight stack and 23-position pulley (with an integrated adjuster system for easy, one-handed adjustments). A 200-pound Radial Loc weight stack, dual low pulleys and an adjustable footrest combine for smooth, quiet, convenient high- and low-pulley exercises on the Lat Pulldown/Low Row Option. Hoist's super-stout 6 Position F.I.D. Bench quickly adjusts between flat, decline and a variety of incline settings, and with a handle and wheels, it rolls easily in and out of the Smith Cage. You'll also appreciate the integrated multi-position pull-up bar, a functional assortment of bars, straps and handles, and the attractive, protective Weight Stack Shields for each weight stack.

5-pound add-on weights (3)
Adjustable strap handles (4)
Dual-attachment aluminum long bar
Dual-attachment assist strap
Padded ankle strap (2)
Revolving aluminum lat pulldown bar

Revolving aluminum short straight bar
Short strap handles (4)