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Matrix A5x Ascent Trainer

Matrix A5x Ascent Trainer


Self-powered system provides cost-savings and freedom of placement within facility.
Removable disk for easy serviceability.
Low 9.5” step-on height for easy accessibility.
Ergo Form™ Grips with integrated incline and resistance controls enhances comfort and accessibility to key functions.
Contralateral action with tapered, dual action handlebars mimics the body’s true movement and proper fit.
Constant Rate of Acceleration and our patented suspension design delivers a perpetually smooth motion free of wheels and tracks.
8”-13” step-over height engages glutes, hamstrings and core stabilizer muscles.
20-24” adjustable stride length for increased range of motion.
Adjustable incline and resistance for greater workout variety.
WiFi enabled for use with Asset Management System.
Integrated 3-speed personal fan.
Compatible with iPod for charging.
Intuitive LED console display.