Matrix Matrix C7xi ClimbMill

Matrix Matrix C7xi ClimbMill



Our innovative ClimbMill models are perfect options for people who want the benefits of a stair-climbing workout. Our ClimbMills deliver the truest feeling of running stairs on the market.

Truly innovation at work, our step positioning software ensures the steps will lock at the lowest possible point for the user to easily step on and off the product.

Our steps are a full 25 cm / 10" deep to accommodate a wide range of users. Color variations are used to aid the user in proper foot placement.

With service technicians in mind, all Matrix ClimbMills feature an access panel that can be quickly removed using a common coin for easy serviceability. An integrated service light provides visibility of internal components.

For added peace of mind, our Control Zone features a sensor that stops the step rotation when triggered by an object or person.

Our Ergo FormTM grips with integrated pause/stop and resistance controls to enhance comfort and make it easier to make workout changes on the fly.

Our exclusive Sweat Management System was designed to track sweat away from the user and critical components – prolonging the life of the product. A removable cleaning tray collects the sweat and debris to keep your facility floor clean.


Resistance System ECB w/ flywheel
Step Range (inches) Step Depth: 25.4 cm / 10" / Step Height: 20.31 cm / 8"
Upper Body Bars Optimized handrails with Ergo Form Grips
Console/Controls 41 cm / 16" class projective capacitive touchscreen LCD
Data/Metrics Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Time of Day, Total Program Time, Total Steps, Calories, Calories per Hour, Average SPM, SPM, Floors Climbed, Heart Rate, METs, Watts, Dynamic Profile Display, Static Profile Display
Heart-Rate Monitoring Contact & Telemetric
Workload Range 1-25, Manual, Training Workouts (Rolling Hills, Interval Training, Calorie Training, Goal Training), Fat Burn, Target HR, Fitness Test (Sub-Maximal Test, WFI Test, CPAT), Constant Watts, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal
Machine Dimensions (inches) 65 x 85 x 212 cm / 65" x 33.5" x 83.5"
Machine Weight (pounds) 158 kg / 348 lbs.
Max User Weight (pounds) 182 kg / 400 lbs.
Power Source 120v / 60Hz AC power

* Subject to change without notice.